Zambia Invests $22 Million in Veterinary Medicine Production Plant to Combat Livestock Diseases

In a proactive move aimed at fortifying its agricultural sector, Zambia has announced a substantial investment of US$22 million (approximately R415 million) to construct a cutting-edge veterinary medicine production plant. This ambitious initiative, poised to tackle the rampant threat of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) among Zambia’s livestock, marks a significant stride towards ensuring the health and vitality of the nation’s animal population.

Foot-and-mouth disease stands as a formidable adversary to Zambia’s livestock industry, exacting a heavy toll on both economic and animal welfare fronts. The high mortality rate among cattle and other farm animals due to FMD has posed a persistent challenge, necessitating a reliable and cost-effective solution in the form of readily available vaccines.

The forthcoming veterinary medicine production plant is primed to revolutionize Zambia’s approach to combating FMD and other prevalent animal health issues. Notably, as highlighted by Farmer’s Weekly, the establishment of this facility is expected to slash vaccine import costs by over 50%, presenting a significant financial relief for Zambia’s agricultural sector while ensuring a steady supply of vaccines.

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